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Turn to the experts and protect your people working at heights with Anchor Safe.

Anchor Safe are Sydney’s leading height safety systems suppliers, advisors and quality compliance managers. We draw on our wealth of experience to help building owners and managers in local government, facility management and retail throughout greater Sydney and beyond, to meet and maintain their height safety requirements and keep their employees and contractors safe.

Our expert height safety team takes great care in the Design, Supply and Installation of the right height safety solution, and then ensure that Recertification and Maintenance are completed to stringent  Australian standards. Experienced and independent, we’re totally committed to keeping Sydney’s workers and rooftops safe – now and into the future

The experienced team at Anchor Safe Sydney are here to provide custom solutions to your height safety needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help you

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Roof Safety Systems Sydney

Roof Anchor Point Systems Sydney

Roof anchor point systems are designed to keep your workers safe at heights. Learn more about how we audit, inspect, supply and maintain anchor point systems for your team in Sydney today.

Roof Walkways and Guardrail Systems Sydney

Keep your employees and contractors working on elevated surfaces safe with permanent roof walkways and guardrail systems. We can supply, install and maintain roof walkways. Contact us today to learn more.

Roof Access Ladder Systems Sydney

We have roof access ladders with various options in order to keep your workers or contractors safe. We can install fall arrests or cage enclosures on our ladder systems to ensure they meet Australian safety standards. Learn more about our roof access ladder systems today.

Static Line Systems Sydney

Static line systems are designed to allow your workers to freely access everything they need without restraint, while staying safe. We supply, install and maintain static line systems in order to ensure they meet Australian safety standards and keep your workers safe.

Roof Access Hatches Sydney

Perfect for safe internal access to your roof, our roof access hatches can be custom fabricated to suit your unique needs. Learn more about our supply, installation and maintenance of roof access hatches today.

Harness Gear & Rescue Equipment Sydney

It is important to have the right equipment when you’re working from heights. We have an extensive range of harness gear, rescue equipment and accessories available.

Skylight Protection Sydney

Skylight protectors are an important component of height safety as unprotected skylights can be major trip hazards. Learn more about how we supply, install and maintain skylight protectors in Sydney.

Overhead Rail Systems Sydney

Offer ease of use to your employees working at height with overhead rail systems and retracting lifelines. In combination, these two elements mean that workers don’t need to connect and reconnect to anchor points every time. Learn more about our overhead rail systems today.

Stepladders & Stairs Sydney

Safely and easily move between varied height applications with stepladders and stairs that have been designed to meet Australian safety standards. Keep your workers safe and learn more about how we can supply, install and maintain your stepladders and stairs.

Platforms Sydney

Customised to meet your specifications and individual needs, our plant platforms allow safe access for employees or contractors working at heights. Contact us for more information about supplying, installing and maintaining plant platforms.

Our Sydney warehouse location

Our office and warehouse are located at Unit 15/19-26 Durian Pl, Wetherill Park NSW 2164. Servicing greater Sydney and beyond our experienced team and helpful staff will take care of any of your roof and height safety queries.

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Why choose Anchor Safe for height safety equipment in Sydney

Anchor Safe provides ongoing height safety services and compliance on behalf of building owners and managers.

We’re a proven and respected name in accredited height safety, access and fall protection systems in Sydney. Because we’re independent we’re free to design high quality, yet cost effective, solutions, without pressure to push certain products. That means when you’re looking for roof access ladders or anchor points in Sydney, we can firmly focus on finding you the result that suits your building and needs.

As a long-term partner we’re here to take the pressure off you. We manage the entire height safety process, providing you with easy-to-use online asset management tools that keep you 100% in the loop and in control. Turn to us for audits and inspections, custom design, expert installation and detailed maintenance. We manage it all to the highest standard and while meeting all industry compliance requirements.

From roof anchor points to guardrail and walkway systems, our equipment offers a simple, cost effective way to service roof-mounted equipment and access gutters. Don’t forget our solutions also cover stairs, platforms, harnesses, ladder systems and static line systems if needed.

When you need height safety in Sydney, no matter the size of your building, complex or portfolio, we can deliver and take care of it for you.

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How we achieve height safety success for our Sydney clients

Case Studies in Australia

The safety show goes on

The height of safety A building rich in history, the Royal Hall of Industries has been known to Sydneysiders for years as the Showbag Pavilion. It now hosts modern events and functions – and needed an upgrade to bring the building’s compliance to current Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891:2009.1-4 and AS 1657-2013. Delivering...

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Case Studies in Australia

Confined space now compliant

The height of safety The customer required access to the base of a 6,000,000L tank. If this wasn’t challenging enough - the tank was also recessed 11m down into rock, with a space between the rock wall and the tank beginning at 1.5m at the base and widening to 3m at...

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Our management team

Nick Stead

Trevor Stead

Between them, Nick Stead and Trevor Stead have almost 40 years of industry experience, working across Australia, including Sydney.

Their expertise is matched by their desire to make height safety easy and effective. In Sydney and need expert service and height safety equipment? Contact the team today to get started.

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