Roof Access Ladder Systems

Simple and effective access to elevated areas

Anchor Safe’s roof access ladder systems are high quality and innovative

Our solutions give you the access you need through safe and easy to use ladder systems, whether it’s fall arrest or cage enclosure. We use the Katt Fixed Rung Ladder System as it’s a pre-engineered proprietary ladder access solution that provides effective access to elevated areas such as roof tops, ceiling spaces, plant platforms or over parapets.

Anchor Safe ladder systems are manufactured from aluminium making them light, corrosion resistant and providing maximum strength. Our ladder systems are a user-friendly design and neat addition to your safety requirements.

All of our ladders have non-slip rungs and are compatible with fall protection accessories such as safety cages, safety rails and vertical fall arrest lines. Security accessories including lockable cage gates and lockable ladder doors can also be added to prevent unauthorised access.

Our range includes ladder support brackets, portable ladders, fixed rung mini access ladders, fold down ladders, cage ladders and vertical line ladders. Explore our full range of roof access ladders available in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Two of the most popular systems are fixed and fold-down ladders.

Fixed access ladders

Our vertical and angled ladders can be tailored for your needs. They come with or without cages, with angled handrails, retractable stiles or fall arrest cables, and the option of access walkways, guardrails, midway rest or change of direction platforms. When installed, fixed ladders are fitted securely in place using ladder stabilising brackets.

Fold-down ceiling ladders

Fold-down ceiling ladders are perfect for internal access to ceiling or roofs up to 4300mm in height. When not in use, the industrial rated models fold away flush with the ceiling giving a low impact appearance. Various models are available to suit suspended ceilings, steel or timber structures.

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