Roof Access Ladder Systems Sydney

Simple and effective access to elevated areas

Are you in the market for roof access ladders Sydney experts know and trust? We can help!

At Anchor Safe, we are dedicated to height safety solutions and innovative designs to keep those working at heights safe and secure. With years of experience and creative thinking, we are experts at supplying, installing and maintaining roof access ladder systems Sydney-wide. All our products are created with the worker’s safety and comfort in mind, meaning they are non-intrusive and practical, allowing ease of movement and enabling professionals to access hard to reach places.

Our access ladders are made using aluminium and under the Katt Fixed Rung Ladder System. This makes them light, strong, corrosion-resistant and easy to use. Additionally, our roof access ladders are designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials and to meet even the toughest of legislation.

For ultimate peace of mind, Anchor Safe roof access ladders are compatible with height safety accessories such as rails, fall arrest lines and safety cages. They are all equipped with non-slip rungs and you have the option of adding security features to prevent unauthorised access if you desire. This includes lockable ladder doors and cage gates.

Regardless of what type of access ladder you’re looking for, Anchor Safe can help! We carry a wide range of ladders including but not limited to portable ladders, support bracket ladders, crossover ladders, cage ladders, fold-down ladders, fixed ladders and more. Fixed and loft ladders are two popular roof access ladder systems Sydney-wide.

Commercial and Industrial Fixed Roof Access Ladders Sydney

Anchor Safe commercial roof access ladders facilitate easy access to elevated surfaces including ceiling spaces and rooftops. This type of roof access ladder can be personalised to suit your individual needs. For example, you can choose from a fixed vertical ladder with safety cage or one without. You can also opt for angled handrails, retractable stiles, fall arrest cables and much more. After installation, fixed roof access ladders are secured using stabilising brackets so you can rest assured your workers are being taken care of.

Commercial Attic Stairs and Industrial Loft Ladders

Loft ladders are retractable fold-down ladders typically designed to give internal access to ceilings and rooftops no higher than 4300mm. Loft ladders are thus installed in the floor of an attic and are ‘hidden’ from view when retracted. They are a great option if you’re concerned about visual appeal, and they are an inexpensive solution to reaching these spaces. We have a variety of models and we can accommodate for suspended ceilings, timber and steel structures.

At Anchor Safe, we are your local height solution experts. Whether you’re looking for fixed or fold down access ladders, security features or height safety equipment, we are the right company for you. Our talented and experienced team can help with supplying, installing, maintaining and even re-certifying roof access ladder systems Sydney-wide.

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