Roof Walkways and Guardrail Systems Sydney

Provide fall protection whilst also protecting your asset

If you’re looking to improve workplace safety and keep those working at heights safe, choose roof walkways and roof fall protection guardrails Sydney businesses can rely on.

Roof access walkway systems Sydney-wide give employees and contractors safer access to required areas on elevated surfaces. They provide permanent and controlled non-slip paths, minimising the risk of falls and injuries for everyone involved.

Likewise, Anchor Safe guardrail systems act like a barrier around elevated areas. They prevent workers from falling off edges and provide extra security for those working at heights. When used together, roof fall protection guardrails and roof access walkway systems greatly reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Today, they are the top protection system for people working at an elevation.

At Anchor Safe, our focus is on worker safety, efficiency and comfort. This is why our guardrail systems and roof walkways offer total safety and non-corrosive protection across Sydney, meaning workers don’t have to wear bulky harnesses or fall arrest personal protection equipment.

We pride ourselves in the fact our systems are cost-effective, high quality and maintenance-free.

If you’re searching for a company to install guardrail and walkway systems Sydney professionals use and recommend, choose Anchor Safe. We use only the highest quality prefabricated and modular products which can be adapted to suit your individual needs. We provide the best aluminium and fibre reinforced polyester walkways, made by trusted brands to meet even the highest of standards and regulations. Our roof walkways and roof guardrail systems can be modified to match your building, and to make sure your liability is minimised all our installations comply with AS 1657-2018.

We have a range of walkways that are easily installed on roofs with steep inclines, creating a safe path for employees and contractors to travel. If the pitch of the roof exceeds 7°, walkways are levelled in accordance with AS 1657.

Where roof walkways & guardrails are used:

If you look closely, you will notice roof fall protection guardrails and roof walkways across the Sydney area. These systems are a crucial part of height safety and often a requirement for big building projects and maintenance tasks. The key function of roof walkways and roof guardrail systems in Sydney is to keep people working at any elevation safe and secure by preventing dangerous falls. As a Sydney-based roof walkways business, we understand all your roof guardrail requirements and the importance of workplace safety.

For this reason, the systems we install offer the added benefits of:

  • Providing a safer path for workers and helping them avoid fragile roof areas
  • Giving access to unreachable areas
  • Providing safe paths between machinery
  • Avoiding roof damage from traffic, keeping the material sturdy and avoiding leaks.

Brands / Products we supply

At Anchor Safe, workers’ safety and client satisfaction are our top priorities. Therefore, we only install and supply roof access walkway systems and roof fall protection guardrails from trusted brands and suppliers.

These include:

  • OnTrak
  • TrakLite
  • Sentry
  • Pace600

We offer both fixed and foldable guardrail systems, installed together or independently. This makes us the right company for all your roof guardrail requirements.

Keep your workforce safe at heights

Anchor Safe installs roof walkways across Sydney to help keep contractors and employees working at heights safe. For roof access walkway systems and roof fall protection guardrails Sydney professionals know and trust, get in touch with Anchor Safe today and find out how we can help you.

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