Static Line Systems Canberra

For continuous connection to a Fall Arrest System across varying roof surface elevations

Static lines help minimise the risk of falling and injury by providing continuous attachment to roof surfaces in Canberra.

Our experience team of experts provide static line installation that Canberra locals can rely on. We take great care when assessing and installing static lines in Canberra, ensuring workers still have easy movement and access to their tools and workspaces without needing to disconnect their line.

There are many advantages to static lines. Most obviously, they are an easy and convenient height safety solution you can quickly implement. Static lines are also non-invasive, keeping the worker’s comfort and ease of movement in mind. With a wide variety of options on the market, Anchor Safe can help you find the right static line system for you.



We choose the right static line system for you

Every business has different needs, which is why there are several things we must take into consideration when installing static line systems across Canberra. This includes the mounting fixtures, surfaces and even the components used in each project. Using a range of mounting fixtures and certified, high quality components, we can secure static lines to a variety of surfaces such as steel, concrete and metal decking. Our team of professionals can even design a restraint or fall arrest system to suit your specific needs.

We pride ourselves in providing custom static lines Canberra locals know and trust. Whether you need static lines installed on a roof, crane runway or on the top of a truck, we are the right people for the task.


Anchor Safe has quickly become the go-to static line installation business for many industry experts in Canberra. We are passionate about workspace safety and seek to continue to improve conditions for those working in elevated surfaces. Our static line systems are designed and installed to the highest of standards. With years of experience and expertise, professionals know they can trust us for efficiency, effectiveness and a job well done.

We are a complete services provider, which means we take care of supplying, installing and maintaining static line systems across Canberra. Your height safety equipment is subject to be inspected and maintained in accordance to legislation. From the beginning, we’ll make sure your static lines are compliant with even the toughest standards and regulations so you can focus on what matters—growing your business.

Providing a permanent fall arrest system for multiple users, our static lines offer:

  • Low profile, high quality components
  • Suitability for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications
  • Attachment to a wide range of roof surfaces using a variety of components and fixings
  • Fall arrest rating
  • Advanced energy-absorbing properties
  • Stainless steel construction

Static line products we supply:

  • Travel8
  • Pilot


Get in touch and find out how we can supply, install and maintain static lines in Canberra to help you improve workplace height safety.

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