Types of Anchor Point and Where to Use Them

Which Anchor Point System Do You Need?

Height safety is a serious matter, and no one takes it more seriously than the team at Anchor Safe.

We provide and install a range of anchor point systems, and pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best solution possible. For the end user, it’s not always clear which system is the right one, or which they should expect to be installed when enquiring about a new system. We’ve put together a simple infographic with the aim to give a quick reference to which anchor point should be used in which situation.

Of course, this anchor point reference should be taken lightly, and there will always be uncommon occurrences where perhaps the initial option of height safety equipment is perhaps not the most suitable. To ensure you get the right anchor points for your team, we will send a consultant to inspect your property and area of work to tailor your requirements perfectly. Once our anchors are installed, you and your professionals can be on the roof, working at height in complete safety, knowing both you and them are in excellent hands.

Surface Mount:

Easy to install and can be used on most metal roofs. These are versatile and are attached directly to the rooftop with 2 x 14G Stainless Screws in to the substructure and 8 x 8mm Bulb Tite Rivets into the roof membrane.
Commonly used on metal clad roof areas for fall arrest or restraint.


Concrete Mount:

Designed to be fixed into concrete surfaces either through chemical fix or a torque anchor. This anchor point is more subtle than regular mounts.
Commonly used on concrete roofed high-rise buildings for abseil use or fall arrest/restraint.


Surface Mount Abseil:

These are used when abseil is required over the side of a building and the roof membrane is a metal cladding rather than concrete.
Commonly used when abseil work is required on the side of high-rise buildings.


Temporary Anchor Point:

A temporary Anchor Point is used when there are no permanent anchors installed, allowing the user to fix to most rooftops, giving you the flexibility to complete the job safely without having to install permanent anchor points. These are not suitable for abseil.
Commonly used for one-off jobs, for regular maintenance permanent anchor points or guardrail and walkway is recommended.


We supply only the most highly respected branded products to ensure the uppermost level of safety and satisfaction. Be sure to take a look at projects we’ve completed in the past, along with some of the other height safety resources we have on our website. We’re always on hand and ready to help you out, so feel free to give us a call or send through an email to discuss your unique situation and get highly qualified advice from a team of height safety experts.

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